Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Me and My Sedintary Hobbies

First of all, someone is using something banana scented here in the recovery room. The only thing worse smelling, is that agent orange disinfectant shit that they spray all over when they're cleaning. Anyways, bananas are only good two ways:

1. In pie

2. In that cake that Amber makes

any other time, they're fucking gross.

Secondly, we (Amber and I) went out to breakfast with Piper/Patrick, and the Cahans yesterday to Le Peep. It was pretty good, and the Piper/Patrick contingent bought breakfast for us for being ringer dog watchers over labor day weekend. This is what I learned:

1. The phrase "What's up, grown up?" us uttered by Patrick, who is sorta like a California version of Wes Waterston.

2. The fact that Piper was Little Miss Kalamazoo, and has had at least 2 life changes within the past 3 months. Much like my brother Mark, I'm equating her to Margo Tannenbaum, as there always seems something new going on with that girl. Hopefully, Piper doesn't mysteriously lose the end part of her ring finger.

3. Alison gives away designer clothes that she may have never worn. Amber said she was going to give them to Anne ... but what Amber doesn't know, is that I'm going to flip them on eBay, and probably go on a spending spree at Goorin ... as there were 3 pairs of Lucky 7 jeans (this doesn't mean a fucking thing to me), but Piper says are really expensive (as her eyes opened wide when Al disclosed what was in the bag).

Anyways, breakfast was directly responsible for the rest of my day ... as when we got home, Amber took a nap, so I decided to catch up on my reading. Which was:

1. Ignition City 1-4, by Warren Ellis - alright stuff, but nothing that blew my socks off.

2. The Boys 31-34, by Garth Ennis - this was an okay arc, but this series suffers from the fact that nothing really ever goes on. I'm beginning to feel that Garth has really shot his wad is starting to get burned out. I mean, even his Punisher was better than this creator owned work.

3. Herogasm 2-5, by Garth Ennis - more of the same. Lots of words, and shock value ... little else.

4. Agents of Atlas 2-10 - the BEST book, hands down, that Marvel puts out but probably no one reads. I'm beginning to think that there is nothing better than talking apes, or more specifically, talking gorillas ... they really make stories more enjoyable. What really makes this book is the pulp feel that it has.

5. Various Hellboy series, the best of which was 1947 - the best Hellboy stories were the ones from when he was a kid. They're pretty hilarious.

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  1. I'm going to have to check out Agents of Atlas. I had it on my to pull, pull list but reneged because I get lazy about starting new titles. I've read a bit of it and flipped through at the shop. Your endorsement has convinced me.